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One of the meals we most anticipated was exactly where every Asian visits whenever they visit London. I’m not kidding. Burger & Lobster probably makes most of its profits off of us because the place is filled with Asian tourists! Not just this one time, but also last year when I went to another of their outlets, and the time before then at another different outlet.

So you know, being Asian, I had to keep up with my flock. And also… LOBSTERRRRR!

Flo wondering if we were actually, really still in London.

While I had to engage in some selfies before the food arrived.

Lobsters in Singapore are not cheap. So when I first went to Burger & Lobster and found that they were selling lobsters along with chips and a side salad for £20, it was like lobster heaven to me!

Somehow, in a span of a year, they’ve rolled out a new menu that’s more expansive than their initial three choices – Lobster, Lobster Roll, and Burger. 

I’m not sure I like their bigger menu. More choices mean more decisions. And I guess Flo and I being at the Harvey Nichols branch meant that they’d kind of omitted some of the smaller sized lobster choices (i.e. cheaper items) so we had to settle for the 1.5lb lobster at £31 each. 

This is how I eat mah lobster!

I love pulling the chunks out of their shell and then, after piling them up, I dig in. The Garlic and Herb Butter that came with it upped the oomph factor and I enjoyed their simple, flavourful salad too.

I’m still a little bitter over the extra £11 we had to spent on the lobsters as compared to before. Gargghhh! I might actually boycott Burger & Lobster next visit to London onwards.

But onto chocolates…

I think this was the part of Harrods Food Hall that captured Flo’s attention the most. We went through the fresh foods section, and the cooked foods section, and the chocolate section, and the patisserie section, then back to the chocolates.

Where Flo suggested we choose a few artisanal chocolates to have for dessert/tea.

From William Curley‘s array of handmade chocolates, we chose two each.

Japanese Black Vinegar and Raspberry & Toscano for Flo. Walnut Feuilletine and Shiso Sudachi for yours truly.

From Harrods, we walked across to Hyde Park to savour our chocolate while bird-watching.

Beautiful skies and my favourite swans! Have you read The Ugly Duckling? Still my favourite story after all these years.

When we entered this area of Hyde Park, Flo and I got quite excited seeing deck chairs parked all along the grass. Until we noticed some men going around collecting money. So we sat ourselves on the grass instead before we spotted an unoccupied bench.

Flo pretty much popped his piece of Japanese Black Vinegar Chocolate into his mouth and declared that it was raspberry. We only figured out later, when he was eating his second piece of chocolate that that was in fact the Raspberry Toscano one.

I had the Walnut Feuilletine Milk Chocolate first but wasn’t really impressed. I expected more crunch and crispness from the nuts and the wafers but it tasted like it may have been out a while so were a little stale.

We spent a while just gazing at the lake and watching people get up close to the swans, ducks and geese to take wefies with them. It was quite entertaining considering that some of them were taking I swear, a few hundred pictures from different angles with the same swan. I laugh, but it’s not like I don’t take wefies or selfies, only usually I take them with people.

Next stop was Attendant at Fitzrovia. It took us a good 40min to walk from Hyde Park but it allowed us to walk through Mayfair and admire the pretty (expensive) shops along their High Street. Also, the old Victorian buildings, many housing embassies, stood proud and tall for us – they had every reason to as well!

It’s a little obscure but if you look out for the fancy black grills, there’s an entrance leading you underground. This used to be an underground public loo that has since been converted, and hopefully sanitised, into the cafe that it now is.

It’s not very big but it was very cosy. At 4.45pm, it was closer to being empty than full. Their menu isn’t exceptionally wide, but they had some baked offerings that looked quite delicious.

And of course, you will notice some of the remnants of the old lavatories, which definitely add character to the place.

I didn’t try but perhaps the hand dryer still works.

There you go! A wefie with the boyfie!

We ordered a cup of coffee each. Cappuccino for him, and a Piccolo for me.

With a side of Shiso and Sudachi Dark Chocolate. I had to check up what a ‘sudachi’ is and it looks very much like our Calamansi, which is essentially like a small lime with a lot more zing.

The Shiso was a little muted but I could definitely taste the refreshing tartness of the citrus fruit. It was good against the slightly bitter chocolate but I would have liked the shiso to have been a bit stronger.

And the Piccolo was nice as well with the chocolate. Again, I’m really no coffee expert so as long as I can down it, it’s good coffee to me!

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15 June 2011 – 16 June 2011…

Dad drove us up to Lynton, Devon – one of Mum’s favourite places. After this trip, I can totally understand why! Along with the beautiful company and beautiful scenery, God blessed us with beautiful weather as well!

From London to Devon…

This sign was just about everywhere! 25 degree inclines!!!!
Paying a toll to take the scenic route…
Driving through Lynmouth…
Arriving at our B&B – Moorlands, where we were greeted by…
These handsome (or pretty) woolly sheep!
Dad booked two conjoined rooms with an attached bathroom…
Visiting Watersmeet. Super gorgeous place!!!
We had cream tea…
And even I tried some! The scones were light and fluffy, pairing perfectly with some clotted cream and strawberry jam… Yum!

Love this picture of this little bird and Dad studying each other. x)
Up in Lynton…
The Lynton-Lynmouth Cliff Railway…
Down in Lynmouth now…
 where we stopped by the Harbour Bar to order dinner to takeaway…
Mum had a veggie burger with chips, Dad’s chilli con carne came with a side of rice, while my uber huge baked potato I had with vegetarian chilli. We shared the garlic mushrooms.

The baked potato was really nice but I could only stomach a little less than half. My favourite part was the skin! I love potato skins… and sweet potato skins… and even the skin of pumpkin. =x The vegetarian chilli was good too and I came quite close to finishing it. What I liked was that it wasn’t purely beans. It had cauliflower and carrots, onions and kidney beans, tomatoes and peppers, with just a slight spicy heat at the end of each mouthful.

We pretty much lazed around in our room post-dinner, and then retired for the night…
We had morning breakfast at the B&B…
My breakfast of a poached egg (a little overcooked) which I had on 1/2 a slice of wholewheat toast – the other 1/2 I had earlier with butter and marmalade <3. Also had grilled tomatoes and super awesome grilled mushrooms with it.
Dad had the works which included a sausage, black pudding, bacon and hashbrown. Mum had to same sans the hashbrown and black pudding.
With bellies full, we packed whatever we’d brought and hopped back in the car for the journey back to London via Bicester.
The weather kept alternating between wet and cloudy, and clear and sunny… which got me wondering if we’d see any rainbows…
And although we didn’t see any on the way home…
The coolest thing was that in the evening, while I was by my desk, I had this sudden compulsion to open my curtain. Lo and behold, I saw the most gorgeous, vibrant rainbow I’d ever laid eyes on. Quickly, I got my camera out to snap a photo of it, only to notice that there wasn’t only a single rainbow, there was a second, slightly faint rainbow present as well.

God must have heard me wonder…

I love rainbows. I always associate them with hope. And with that, I believe God is showing me that no matter how unpredictable life can be – just as the weather on Thursday was, one thing is constant. And that is Him. My father in Heaven is a constant. And His strikingly beautiful creations made by His hands, made by His love, are reminders of His presence. And those creations include the double rainbow (the first I’ve ever seen!), as well as you and me!

Grateful for… God, Mum and Dad, nature, double rainbows, hope…

P.S. Today was the first time EVER since I fell ‘sick’ (not including in-patient treatment) that I had all 3 main meals prepared by someone else or eaten out. Praise the Lord! x) It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Then again, it never is, is it?

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